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Demo time

For a couple of days only the uh pre-pre-alpha demo of Kitty Boom is playable here:
To play match the color of the kitty to the building’s he’s smashing into by clicking/tapping/dragging the background colors.

I hope you like it, any and all feedback/comments are appreciated.

Immediate plans:
– collectibles and power ups (You can trigger double rainbow mode in the demo by clicking/tapping on kitty.)
– achievements
– lots of code optimizing!
– in game explanation of what the hell is going on
– Pause Menu
-start screen refinements
– responsiveness
– fix face detachment bug – man games have weird bugs.
– optimize graphics for iOS gl issues
– more advanced score breakdown
– end of round pause bug (causes score to sloooowly creep up)

Future plans:
– Boss battles
– leaderboards
– smash into things

Yo Cat

I think I can now officially call kitty boom a game!¬†I have added Kitty’s death into the mix which means the previously ever expanding score now means something.

While looking for a (relatively) cheap way to add a rainbow overlay effect after running into some issues trying to fade in many openGL effects I discovered I could use a small multicolor sprite and blow it up to screen size allowing it to distort (I also rotated it so it stayed a bit random), then I just used a hue blend to mix it all together. I’m sure variants of this technique could be useful for a lot of ambient effects.

Also I think I may have Kittys burned into my retinas..